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Spinone Party

by Everything in its place

Do you remember the one gorgeously sunny week which we had in July, amidst the other three weeks of rain? Well, the weekend party which I attended over this weekend with my family happened to fall on that glorious weekend! This was a Spinone party, in aid of Spinone Rehome Charity. It took place outside in the fields of Pembrokeshire, so we were very lucky!

Spinoni is an Italian dog breed. They’re loyal, friendly, and alert, with a close lying, wiry coat. You may recognise them from Vax’s TV adverts. They have made my lovely Gatsby a bit of a celeb!

The event was a lot of fun – there were barbecues, camping, and competitions – all of this amongst over 100 Italian pooches! Over £1750 was raised too for the charity. Take a look here for the pics and see if you can spot my Gatsby with his orange neckerchief: http://www.facebook.com/HelloGatsby

This was the first event of this kind that I’ve been to, but I’ve since realised there are more like it. There are so many dog friendly events out there and some are for very good causes. Take a look at these, from http://www.dogfriendlybritain.co.uk/events_calendar.asp for more info.

Dog Sunday at The FIG Tree Centre
14 January 2012 to 31 December 2012

Beths Charity Dogglympics Online Photo Competition
27 July 2012 to 31 August 2012

Companion Dog Show – Napton – Warwickshire – 4th August 2012
4 August 2012

Hounds for Pounds – Sponsored family dog walk and doggy fun day!
5 August 2012

Colden Common Fun Dog Show
12 August 2012

Companion Dog Show & GSD Rally – National GSD Club
12 August 2012

Fun Day and Companion Dog Show
18 August 2012

Fun Dog Show at Ingham Village Fete 18th Aug 2012
18 August 2012

Wolves and Woofers Dog Show 19th August 2012
19 August 2012

25 August 2012

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