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No steam from my steam cleaner!

by Vax Expert

Steam cleaners are a fantastic addition to your cleaning toolkit, tackling grease and grime without the need for any cleaning solutions. But what do you do if yours stops steaming? Ask our Expert, of course!

Vax Expert says:

In its simplest form, a steamer is like a kettle. The water is poured in, it’s heated by a heating element and once the optimum temperature is reached, the machine is ready to use.

To transfer the steam from the water tank to the surface that is to be cleaned, there is usually a hose with a steam ’gun’ (so you can squeeze the trigger on that pesky grime!) You’ll also have extension tubes for added reach, and a tool, tailored to the surface you’re looking to clean.

If you’ve lost delivery of steam from the machine there are a few things that you can check:

1.      Is there any water in the tank? (The most obvious one!)

2.      Is the machine switched on? Is there a power light that should be on? If there is no power then it maybe that the fuse has blown.

3.      That the steam control knob, if fitted, is set too low – check that this is set to the highest setting until steam is generated and then lower it to the level you need.

4.      That your water tank cap is securely fitted. Caps on most machines double up as pressure release valves, so check your user guide about this, but usually the cap has to be pushed down and turned until tight, just like a childproof medicine bottle.

5.      That the child lock is not set to ‘safe.’ Sometimes the trigger can feel as though it is working when in fact it is not being squeezed enough due to the lock.

6.      That there is no blockage in the extension tubes or tool. Remove these and see if steam is coming out of the gun.

If, having followed the above, you still do not get any steam delivering from the unit, the best route to follow is to contact your steam cleaner’s manufacturer and they can guide you through the options available to you.

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