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My vacuum cleaner is dropping dirt!

by Vax Expert

Has your trusty upright vacuum cleaner started to misbehave? Rather than banishing dust and dirt from your home, has it suddenly started to drop bits of debris out from the bottom?  Don’t throw it in the dustbin, call the Vax Expert instead…

Vax Expert says:          

The kids have trodden crumbs into the carpet, your prized pot-plant has been spilt and you appear to have bought half the beach back from holiday into your living room. Yet, it’s fine because whizz around with your vacuum cleaner and it’s all gone, right? Well it was, but now it’s all dropping back out all over again! What on earth is going wrong?

If your vacuum cleaner is depositing all that hard work right back down in front of you, there are a small number of simple causes for this.

The material falling from the machine is only ever going to be what it has collected in the first place. Any upright vacuum cleaner relies on dirt and dust travelling through the machine to be held in its dirt container. If material doesn’t make it this far, there’s nothing to hold it in your machine and it will exit the way it entered.

In order to successfully retain the material it collects, all of your vacuum cleaner’s cleaning features must be operational and maintained. First of all, ensure the suction power of your machine is at its optimum level, giving dirt the best chance of travelling into your dirt container. The following steps should help:

  • Ensure the rotating brushbar is constantly spinning when the unit is in use (on carpeted surfaces.) The vacuum cleaner needs this to propel dirt into the machine. If it is not, check the instructions in the user guide. A replacement drive belt could be required, for example.
  • Ensure all filters within your unit are clean and free of obstruction. Some filters require wet-washing to achieve this, others simply a gentle tap. Your user guide will show you the needs of your vacuum cleaner. Air needs to flow through these to draw dirt through your unit successfully.

However, by far the most common cause of dust dropping back out of a machine is if something is obstructing the dirt from passing up through your unit and into the dirt container. When material enters an upright unit, it travels through a fixed section of hosing (sometimes referred to as the ‘lower hose’) and into the main flexible hose on the unit. It will travel to the end of here, into the machine, and finally into the dirt container for safe storage.

If an obstruction is present at any point in this process, dirt will not make it to the dirt container, and may fall back out of the unit, particularly when suction ceases as the product is switched off. Use the advice in your user guide to check for blockages in areas such as those mentioned above.

It is worth noting that the friction created by the brushbar spinning against your carpet will create static charge on the brushbar. This may attract a small amount of material, which may drop away when the product is switched off and the static charge subsides. This is normal, and any resulting material left behind can be re-collected by normal machine operation.

If dirt drops from your unit, try to think of the journey the dust particles take through your machine, and this will help you to eliminate potential causes of this difficulty.

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