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My vacuum cleaner has sucked up tinsel!

by Vax Expert

It’s that wonderful time of the year once again when we turn our living rooms into Santa’s grotto. Trees are dragged across carpets, the feet of excited little ones bounce all around the house, and glitter spills as the decorations are ferried down from the loft. And there’s nothing more festive than sparkling tinsel hanging around the banister or carefully spread above the fire place. 

After all this ‘to and fro’ our carpets and floors can look in need of a little care. Let’s not forget, we want the areas of our house not hidden by festive adornments to look fabulous too, and that’s where our vacuum cleaners come in handy!

Picture the scene - whizzing around downstairs with turkey defrosting times occupying your mind, and disaster strikes. A length of tinsel has disappeared and is trapped in your vacuum cleaner. A fatal mistake? Not so.

First things first, if tinsel becomes trapped in your vacuum cleaner, switch it off and unplug it as soon as you can. The quicker you can do this the easier it will be to remedy.

Then, if you’re using an upright vacuum cleaner, make the following checks:

  • Try to carefully remove any tinsel around the brushbar. You may wish to use scissors to cut this away if it’s particularly tangled.
  • If all the tinsel frees easily, next ensure no damage has occurred by running the vacuum cleaner and checking the rotary brushbar is still spinning. If it’s spinning as normal, then feel free to continue to your vacuuming unscathed!
  • If the brushbar won’t rotating after removing the tinsel, check the instructions in your vacuum cleaner’s user guide. A replacement drive belt could be required, or your vac may need to have its brushbar reset, for example.
  • To be sure no more tinsel is left trapped, check areas such as the main accessory hose or the lower hose. These can be accessed and cleared following instructions in your user guide

A cylinder or canister style vacuum cleaner will need similar checks:

  •  If your vac has a floor tool with a rotary brush, check this first for tinsel and remove any you can find. Again, scissors can be used carefully to cut away trapped material.
  • If using a floor tool without rotating brushes, check the airway through this is clear, and remove any obstructions as necessary.
  • Remove the accessory hose and telescopic tube from your vacuum cleaner and remove any trapped material from these areas.

Christmas decorations spread joy all around, and so does a clean household! Whilst the odd stray length of tinsel can get in the way from time to time, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a clean Christmas for long.

Merry Christmas from all at Vax!

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