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My upright vac doesn’t suck

by Vax Expert

Isn’t it disheartening when your trusty vacuum cleaner just doesn’t seem to to pick up the dirt and dust as well anymore? It’s got to be fixable, but where do you start? Our expert at Vax has some ideas.

Vax Expert says:

If your upright vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to suck as well anymore, there are three probable causes: Either the filters or the bag are blocked, the brushbar has stopped spinning or there is a blockage within the pipes. I’ll cover each of these in turn below.

Blocked filters or bag

The filters (or the bag if it’s not a bagless model) are the very heart of your vacuum cleaner. Without them it would soon break down, as dirt and debris would be able to reach the motor.

To prevent loss of suction the dust container ideally needs to be emptied after every use and the filters need to be cleaned regularly. Depending on usage the filters may need to be washed as often as every month, but read your user guide first, as this is the best place to find out about the maintenance regime for your vacuum cleaner.

If your machine has a bag then this needs to be changed as soon as the machine loses suction. You may notice that the bag doesn’t fill up completely before you start to lose suction. This is due to the bag’s walls, which act as the filter, becoming clogged.

Brushbar not turning 

If your vacuum cleaner appears to have no suction from the base, it is most likely because the brushbar has stopped turning.

The best way to check this is to switch the machine on, pull the handle back and finally turn the machine to the side so that the brushbar can be seen. Do not put your fingers near this area!

If the brushbar isn’t spinning it probably means the belt has broken. Check your user guide to see how to replace this.

Please be aware that some machines have brushbar control buttons or need to be in the reclined position, or both, before the brushbar spins, so check your user guide.

Blocked hose

The final possibility is that there is a blockage within the hose. Again, as always, check your user guide to see what you can check, and how. Usually, the hose is removable and a broom or mop handle can be pushed carefully through it to clear any problems. Another way to check a hose is to raise the machine, let the hose hang down towards the floor and then drop a coin through it to see if it drops through. If it doesn’t then you know there is a blockage.

If, after doing all the above checks, you find that the suction is still not there, you should contact your vacuum cleaner’s manufacturer for further assistance.

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3 Responses to “My upright vac doesn’t suck”

  1. Hoover 5914 Hoover 5914 says:

    I made the mistake of cleaning up soot and now my vacuum cleaner has died and I cant seem to get the soot out, Do you have any suggestions?

    • Clutter Hater Clutter hater says:

      Hi Hoover 5914,

      If soot has been picked up, I’m afraid the filters will be totally useless. I don’t know which model you have, but you will undoubtedly need to replace/fully clean all the filters, as the soot will not be easy to remove. If the machine doesn’t switch on, it’s possible you’ve got soot into the motor – this will need help from your vacuum cleaner’s manufacturer, I’m afraid.

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