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How to stay festival fresh

by Everything in its place

Outdoor music festivals are definitely not a place where it’s easy to stay fresh and clean. Isle of Wight’s recent festival enjoyed heavy downpours resulting in masses of mud and wet music-lovers. Unfortunately July is forecast to rain, rain, rain some more so here are a few tips to stay as comfortable and dry as possible at the festival:

  1. Choose your outfit carefully. Now’s not the time to wear your favourite summer dress and flip flops.  The key is to layer up – start with your festival outfit, then a cardigan for warmth, then a high quality water-proof. You can skimp on the rain jacket, but chances are you’ll regret it when your Primark purchase repels rain like a sponge. One with a hood is even better to save your hands from carrying a brolly. Knee high willies are also a must and have become a fashion staple for a festival.
  1. Baby wipes and shower in a bag! Baby wipes are invaluable as a festival. You’ll undoubtedly get splashed with mud and it’s best to get it off straightaway to avoid it drying and unpleasant smells. If you can’t make it to the festival showers, Gelert’s Solar Shower heats in sunlight (there may be some!) and you can shower in your bathing suit to avoid the queues. Loo roll also comes in handy in many a wet situations!
  1. Choose your tent wisely. Look for one with a high hydrostatic head (HH) which basically is the measure for how waterproof your tent will be. Urban Escape tents are great value for money and come in many sizes to fit your party. Pitch it on a very slight incline, with the door to the tent facing downwards, to avoid water going in to your tent. And don’t forget to put that groundsheet down!

Most of all, try to get into the festival vibe. The weekend will be a memory, and rain might be a part of it, but you can still have fun and enjoy the music!

Festival schedule:

12th July – Latitude

27th July – Global Gathering

18th August – V festival

24th August – Creamfields

24th August – Leeds festival

6th Sept – Bestival

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