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How do I remove pet odours from carpet?

by Vax Expert

If you’ve got pets, it’s hard to avoid the ‘little accidents’ and messes they leave around your home from time to time. And these messes can play real havoc with your carpet. No matter how quickly or thoroughly you clean it up, all too often an unpleasant musty odour lingers on, long after the phsical evidence has gone.

You could try treating the area with an air freshener or odour eliminator spray, but these can only mask the smell for so long. To get rid of the lingering odour completely, you need to remove the residue that’s trapped between your carpet’s fibres. The best way to do that is using an extraction carpet washer.

Washing your carpets is not only good for removing visible marks and stains, it also helps remove the most potent of pongs, as well as any water marks left behind by pet urine and similar messes.

To banish unpleasant pet smells from your carpet, simply follow these easy steps. No more nose-pegs, as it’s as easy as 1-2-3! 

  1. Use a high-quality carpet washer to thoroughly clean the affected area. For best results do this as soon as possible after the ‘accident’ occurs, to prevent it soaking into the carpet fibres. Choose a carpet washer with powerful suction and either rotating SpinScrub brushes or a rotary brushbar to achieve the deepest possible clean. By agitating the carpet’s fibres, the brushes help remove any deeply embedded particles that can cause odours to linger.
  2. Look out for a carpet washer with twin air path ‘Dual V’ technology for the deepest cleaning results and fastest drying times. These models remove most of the dirty water from your carpet, so they’ll be dry again in just an hour or two. All traces of any pet mess will be consigned to the carpet cleaner’s dirty water tank, ready to be tipped away down an outside drain.
  3. To get the best results when dealing with pet-related stains and spills, use a specialist cleaning solution that’s designed specifically for the job, such as Vax AAA for Pets carpet cleaning solution. It’s specially formulated to neutralise pet odours by working with your machine to banish bacteria which, if left behind, can cause pet odours to resurface over time. Best of all, you won’t be replacing one smell with another, as it works to neutralise and exterminate odours, not mask them.

Even in a pet-free household, from time to time we all know the kids can accidently trample food, drink and other messes into your carpets. Even a common and innocuous mark, like that caused by soil from your garden, can in time leave a stale, earthy odour.

To freshen up your carpets, choose a carpet cleaning solution with a floral fresh scent, such as Vax Ultra+ or AAA Spring Clean. These leave behind a fresh  fragrance that will leave your whole home smelling clean.

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  1. Tony Scott Tony Scott says:

    Thanks for the great tips. Now I know what to do when my pooch makes an accident.
    Tony Scott´s last blog ..OSHA Launching National Emphasis Program (NEP) on Nursing Home and Residential Care Facilities — Focus on Musculoskeletal Disorders

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