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The We Love Clean Team

Meet the We Love Clean team 

We are four women who work together at Vax – the UK’s number one floorcare company. We all love having a clean, fresh home and because we work together we find ourselves spending a lot of time either doing household chores or talking about them! We thought it would be a cool idea to pool our knowledge and experiences… and so the new We Love Clean blog was born.

Each month we share our ‘things to do’ lists, top household tips and favourite seasonal recipes. And as we like to have fun too, we’ve got a few ideas for spending good nights in and great nights out that you also might enjoy.

We’d love to hear your own tips and ideas, so leave a comment on our posts and we’ll get back to you!

Reluctant domestic

Cleaning is never at the top of my ‘love to-do’ list: kicking off my heels and curling up with a good book and a nice glass of wine is at the top. But I find this much more relaxing when my home is fresh and tidy so – with three large and messy dogs and one large and untidy husband – cleaning seems to be never off my ‘have to-do’ list! As with every chore, using the best tools for the job gets the task done quicker and more efficiently – my must haves are the Mach Air, which is powerful but really lightweight and easy to use and the Floormate which is soooo much quicker and easier than a mop and bucket. If you have any time saving cleaning tips let me know and I’ll pass them on to other ‘reluctant domestics’.

Everything in its place

With only myself and my husband you would think that cleaning would be a dream, no pet hair to clean up or children with sticky fingers! But for some reason cleaning still takes up half a day of my weekend and a few hours throughout the week! I am a little cleaning obsessed and cannot rest unless everything is in its place and if the weekly clean has not been done I get stressed and cannot relax! This obsession means that I end up getting the vacuum out at 10pm and won’t go to bed unless I have loaded the dishwasher, wiped the worktop and dried up anything that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher, ohh and plumped the pillows on the sofa!

Clutter hater

My pet hate is clutter, and in an ideal world my home would be a Japanese-style haven of calm and order, all smooth lines and minimalist décor. Unfortunately, in a world without domestic staff, the reality is somewhat different and tackling the piles of letters, newspapers, shoes and DVDs that build up daily is a constant battle. With two cats that like nothing better than digging in my garden, there’s always muddy paw prints and pet hair to contend with too. For me, organisation and good storage are essential, but while I do try to clean my tables and work surfaces before I go to bed, I tend to save ‘proper’ cleaning for the weekend. I wouldn’t be without my LiFE cordless vac, as it’s great for a quick zoom round before bedtime. While I love having a clean house, there’s definitely more to life than being a round-the-clock Monica!

Little and often

When it comes to cleaning, I’m my own worst enemy. I seem to make work for myself in places that weren’t on my original To Do list. I start my doing a usual weekend clean – vacuuming, dusting, changing the bed etc- and end up thinking the skirting boards could do with a wipe down or the windows need attention. This means that come 9pm I’m nowhere near finishing what I should have done and its almost time for bed. On a day-to-day basis ‘little and often’ has always been my mantra but the reality is a different story. There’s always so much to do in so little time, although my husband doesn’t seem to notice!