Clutter Hater

5 ideas for the bedroom

by Clutter hater

The one room in your home that really should be a sanctuary is the bedroom. A tidy, well ordered bedroom makes it so much easier to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. (And it’s pretty essential for creating a romantic mood too)…

Clutter Hater

Watch GMTV’s spring cleaning tips

by Clutter hater

There’s usually a quick and easy solution to most household cleaning tasks, if you know how. GMTV’s one minute ‘spring spruce’ slots have some ingenious time saving tips…

Clutter Hater

Store away those shoes!

by Clutter hater

Most of the ladies I know confess to having far too many pairs of shoes in their wardrobe and I’m certainly no exception. Imagine my distress when my other half moved into my house recently, adding his own extensive footwear collection to the mix. It’s almost as big as mine!..

Little and Often

Clean up the bedroom

by Little and often

My top ten tips for spring cleaning your bedroom are guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep!..

Clutter Hater

Blitz the bathroom

by Clutter hater

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a squeaky clean bathroom! Here’s my top tips…

Everything in its place

Sort your life out!

by Everything in its place

At this time of year I always put some time aside to declutter my home, it is difficult to always file paperwork away in an organised manner and I am also a bit of a hoarder so this makes me think about what I actually do need to keep. I like to call it life laundry…

Reluctant Domestic

Take down the decorations

by Reluctant domestic

If you’re anything like me, what you would really like to do in January is to hibernate! It is the most depressing of months! After all of the excitement and build up of Christmas and New Year, it seems like there is nothing to look forward to…