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Amaretti chocolate delight

by Vax Expert

This recipe is a favourite amongst my friends when we have a get together.  It’s wonderful accompanied by a good quality wine, which thankfully my mates will supply me with plenty of, as long as I arrive armed with this chocolate delight. It’s also great for entertaining, as well as being easy, fun and messy to make!


400 – 500g amaretti biscuits
6oz (175g) dark chocolate ( 70-75% cocoa solids)
15fl oz (425ml) double cream
5 tablespoons brandy
3 tablespoons cider
Cocoa powder to dust

You also need a loaf tin lined with cling film.

To start, break up the chocolate into a heat proof bowl, pour in the cream and fit the bowl over a pan of simmering water, making sure that the base of bowl does not touch the water.

When the chocolate has melted, take off the heat and using a electric hand mixer whisk the chocolate and cream together until you have a cold and creamy mixture.

Next, mix the brandy and cider together in a shallow bowl. One by one dip the biscuit into the liquor then into the chocolate mixture and crumble into the base of the tin. Build layers of biscuits and chocolate cream until there are 3 or 4 layers. 

I cut a piece of cardboard to fit inside the rim of the tin and put a heavy weight on top.  Place in the fridge overnight.

Before serving, dip the tin in a bowl of hot water for 3 seconds and turn it out onto a plate.  Finally, dust with cocoa powder. ENJOY!

Special thanks to our guest blogger Louise from Vax who created this post

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