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Just Dance!

by Guest Writer

'Just Dance' on the Wii guarantees a fun night in!Why go out dancing when you can boogie from the comfort of your own home?

After a hard week at work there’s nothing better than having a night in with friends to relax and unwind. At a friend’s party I was introduced to the next big thing to hit the Wii – Just Dance. Rather than subjecting me to their usual poorly-coordinated and embarrassing routines, I found myself surrounded by wannabe Jennifer Bealses and Ashley Banjos busting some interesting moves to MC Hammer and New Kids on the Block.

In preparation there are two main things to consider; firstly, before your other half feels the need to escape the house, make them feel useful by asking them nicely to rearrange the furniture in the living room so that you have an open space to throw your best shapes about. All you then need to worry about is losing to your Gran rather than breaking everything in sight as your arms flail around trying to master the routine to Fame!

Secondly, be ready to look completely ridiculous! Retaining your dignity is not an option as you try hard to look sexier than Kylie in THOSE hot pants, when the reality is more like a hot and sweaty Mr Bean wiggling to  ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Head’.  The rest of the night is spent begging your giggling friends to not put the video on YouTube…. Please?

Shy? A couple of glasses of wine usually aid the slightly more conservative in the group and before you know it people will be demanding that they get their turn to show what they’ve got… And you desperately try to find the video camera they’ve hidden somewhere while they mis-time all of Britney’s moves and result to using their favoured Cha Cha Slide moves instead. And this isn’t just for the girls. There’s a reason the boys have stuck around and haven’t complained about not having the chance to play Pro Evo or Call of Duty; they tell you they want to take each other on at ‘Eye of the Tiger’, when secretly it’s all about ‘Wannabe’!

There are three modes: in Classic mode players pick any song and attempt to copy the dancer on screen; Last One Standing means players are booted out of the game if they don’t score enough points or make too many mistakes, and Strike a Pose which is more like musical statues as you start and stop dancing, depending on what’s on the screen.  

The game has had some poor reviews; it doesn’t work with Motion Plus so the sensor isn’t particularly reactive to your moves, and, unlike Guitar Hero, you can’t unlock new songs as you progress through Career Mode. However, the positives do outweigh the negatives. There’s room to exhibit a few of your home-grown moves! A few of my friends’ favourite freestyle routines include an intriguing mash-up of Big Fish, Little Fish, the Macarena, the Robot, and various rubbish attempts at the Moonwalk! And as long as you have enough Wii remotes (and enough space!), up to four players can join in with all the songs you need to get the party started! Let’s face it, judging by the moves I’ve seen pulled off on a Saturday night, it’s a good thing that all the songs are unlocked!

Just Dance 2 is alleged to hit Europe in Q3 of 2010… and I can’t wait!

Special thanks to our guest blogger Blitz It who created this post.

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