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Reluctant Domestic

Euro 2012, for girls

by Reluctant domestic

I can only assume that if you’re like me and my gal pals, you won’t be a big fan of football either. However, every now and then when a big event like the Euro comes around, some of us will have to put up with their football-mad partner taking over the TV!

The Euros have already kicked off and I’ve found myself relegated from the living room. If he’s usually booted you out of the house while he claims the TV for him and his friends, you needn’t occupy yourself with expensive trips out; just have a night in with the girls.

Choose a house to spend the evening (preferably where the football isn’t playing on TV!) and invite your gal pals around for an old fashioned style sleepover get together. Don your comfiest sleepwear, and make sure there are plenty of nibbles and wine nearby. Pick your favourite movie you all enjoy (I’m a sucker for a rom-com!).

Take the time to pamper yourselves – stock up on clay face masks, your favourite manicure/pedicure essentials and hair treatment and spend the night having a giggle a gossip. This way, you can catch up with friends and leave ‘Mr Football’ to it.

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  1. euro cup is very interesting and much enjoying event of the football event

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