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Reluctant Domestic

The Olympic Clean-Up

by Reluctant domestic

Even though the weather is forecast to be dreary this month, it doesn’t have to be miserable inside! I missed the Spring cleaning when it came around, so I’m having an Olympic clean-up this month! And like my cleaning, the Olympics are few and far between, so it’s now or never.  I’ll be getting into the sporting spirit and arranging games for the kids to play, as well as hosting a few parties of my own.

Tips for an Olympic clean-up.

  1. Start from the inside and work outwards. The Olympics are huge – your efforts should match. Be ruthless and go through wardrobes, storage boxes, cupboards, and closets to get rid of unwanted clothes (if you haven’t worn it for 6 months, you never will), bric-a-brac, children’s clothes and toys, old and un-loved items and anything else which has gathered dust!
  2. Start from top to bottom. Clean out the attic first, as that’s where forgotten items are stored, then work on your bedroom wardrobes, then move downstairs.
  3. Don’t bin items though. Someone will want them. List them on eBay if you think you can make money; give them away on sites like free-cycle to someone who wants them, or take them to a charity shop. Already the house will feel lighter, more spacious, and you’ll feel better!
  4. Now that you’ve cleared the clutter, made it clean and not just tidy. Dust, wipe, and polish your way through the house. Then work on the floors – don’t just vacuum, old carpets can be revived with a carpet washer. Even beige carpets will look like new! Steam clean your kitchen and bathroom to get ancient dirt from the cracks, and steam mop your floor. This will make a huge difference and make rooms feel really clean.
  5. Keep it up! Athlete’s don’t just have a huge training session before the big event, they train all year long.

Finally, relax and enjoy your lovely sparkling home, and others will too!

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